Big Sleep Out 2017

Back in November, we had our first preview for Sleeping Rough, Pastles Productions’ first feature film. We were really lucky to screen at The Big Issue Foundation’s Big Sleep Out at the Oval, London, where film got an amazing reception, and we were stunned by the positive feedback from both members of the public and Big Issue vendors, who had first-hand experience of some of the events we were depicting. We have to say a massive thank you to the team at the Big Issue Foundation for putting on such a momentous event, and of course our post-production team for pulling it out of the bag and making sure the film was ready in time for the screening.

Owain, the film's director, speaking at the Big Sleep Out.

Owain, the film’s director, speaking at the Big Sleep Out.

The film’s director, Owain, introduced the film and gave a bit of background on what the process of making it entailed, as well as just why the film is so important now. From carrying out interviews all over the country, to hiring actors with personal experiences of homelessness, to shooting on the streets of London and Bristol, it was a hugely rewarding process, and it was great to share that with the audience. Our first public screening of the full film will be in February, during Bristol Homeless Awareness Week (details of that screening will be published soon, right here).

Throughout the night, we did a series of live streams featuring interviews, speeches and performances from the Big Sleep Out. You can take a look at a compilation of all our live videos here:

How to help

  • Want to find out more about how you can get involved to help those homeless or sleeping rough in your area? Visit
  • Are you homeless, or at risk? Try visiting Shelter or Crisis to find out where you can go.

Stay tuned for more news about the film right here.

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