Film Reviews

Game Girls – Interview with the Director

Across oceans and unknown to many, Skid Row is an area in Los Angeles famously known as the ‘homeless capital of the US’. In an intimate, unassuming documentary, Game Girls follows the lives of two women, Teri and Tiahna, skirting and moving on from life on Skid Row. Combining fly-on-the-wall observation and recurring workshops led by…

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‘The Work’ review – An Intimate and Honest Exposé of Life Behind Bars

  In ‘The Work’, documentary filmmakers Jairus McLeary and Gethin Aldous explore the process of real and raw rehabilitation in Folsom prison, as three men from the outside sit in on an intensive four-day therapy session with the inmates. Alongside ex-gang members, men convicted of theft and murder, the groups dig into dealing with previous…

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