Homelessness Awareness Week 2018

As we say goodbye to Winter and march into Spring, partner organisations across Bristol open their doors to encourage people to think about the community we live in, look out for family and friends and scoop people up before they fall. Bristol Homelessness Awareness Week (February 24- 3 March) aims to raise awareness of homelessness, those at risk of becoming homeless and the issues people face when rough sleeping highlighting the long process of recovery. The week is packed full of exhibitions, screenings and workshops all designed to educate about homelessness in Bristol, and how we can make a positive change in our community. Read on to find out more.

What’s going on?

There’ll be a range of activities going on throughout the week; of course for us here at Pastles, the main event of the week will be our screening of Sleeping Rough at the Watershed, however there are many more events going on throughout the week. We kick off with two exhibitions at The Vestibules, City Hall. Art4Change will be in The Park Street Vestibule and is a project aimed at giving disadvantaged sections of the community the opportunity to gain self-confidence, transferable skills and to feel valued.

‘Homeless People’ is an exhibition held in the Deanery Road Vestibule and uses art to delve beyond the ‘homeless’ label, in order to capture the diversity and individuality of the people behind the percentages. This exhibition has been put together by The Bristol Pathway and features artwork from residents and former residents of the Salvation Army and Second Step.

Later on Monday evening from 6pm at the Watershed, there will be a live performance of forum theatre. This show has been devised by young people who have experience of homelessness and mental ill-health and is based on their own real life stories. The performance will be followed by our very own Sleeping Rough, a community-based film raising awareness of street homelessness in the UK, produced in collaboration with Cardboard Citizens and The Big Issue Foundation. The evening closes with a Q&A panel where we’ll hope to address some of the issues raised in the film and the performance.

On Bristol Homeless Forum’s website, you’ll find information about all these events; if you can make it to any, great, if not, please encourage others to do so!

How can I help?

Aside from coming to the events, we need to raise awareness as much as possible and, as always, social media is the way to do that. We’ve created a short promo video for the week, featuring members of the homeless community in Bristol and some of the work done by Art4Change. This video is intended to promote the week, so please do share it around, along with the hashtag #HomelessBristol.

The link to the Facebook video, which can be shared directly, is here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1468390809938843&id=663322627112336
And finally the YouTube link, for any internal comms, is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCK57h0q8uU
Homelessness is our problem. We can change that. #HomelessBristol

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