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Sleeping Rough Kickstarter is LIVE!

By | 14th November 2016

After months of preparation, the Kickstarter campaign for @SleepingRoughFilm has finally gone live, and we are calling on you to follow the link, watch the video and SHARE. This project is so important and has so much potential to make a difference, but it really cannot be done without your support. #youcanhelp

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"There is something really tangible that people can do."

By | 26th October 2016

This morning, the Senior Policy Officer at Crisis, Alice Ashworth, kindly took some time out of her working day to speak to us about our Sleeping Rough project and the work that Crisis does to improve the situation of homeless people in the UK. by Melita Cameron-Wood M: One of the main things that we…

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Smile at a Stranger

By | 23rd August 2016

Tonight I visited one of Smile at a Stranger‘s soup kitchens in Exeter, chatted to some great characters and got some fascinating stories. The team there do a fantastic committed job, and I was astounded by the commitment of these guys, and by the feeling of community between everyone that’s there. #SleepingRoughFilm is going really…

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The Fisher-Knight's Tale

By | 23rd August 2016

Sarah Vigars, of Wild Toy Theatre is embarking on an ambitious project, creating a pop-up puppet show for children and adults. With a bit of help from yourselves, and hopefully Arts Council England, she’ll be able to turn 7 drawings into 7 puppets… Give the video a watch, and if you’re interested, follow the link below…

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Pstles Prductins…

By | 18th August 2016

We’re changing our logo for one week, joining the likes of Google, Microsoft and the LADBible in order to raise awareness for something very important… In the last decade, the number of blood donors in the UK has reportedly decreased by a massive 40%, meaning that the NHS is now on the lookout for 200,000 new…

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Volunteers needed!

By | 16th July 2016

We’re looking for volunteers to collaborate in the pre-production of an upcoming docudrama raising awareness of homelessness. Volunteering will involve chatting to rough sleepers, potentially visiting shelters and recording interviews. For more info about the project, please go to or email [email protected] to get involved.

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The Talent of Youth

By | 15th July 2016

It was a pleasure this week to host Mollie and Elisha. These two young students, on work experience placements for one week, showed that young people can have as much, if not more, initiative, enthusiasm and dedication as experienced professionals. It was a pleasure to work with them throughout the week, as they eagerly started off…

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Crew Call for Trailer Shoot

By | 23rd May 2016

We’re shooting a short concept trailer for Watching the Stars on the evening of the 14th June, and are looking for a production assistant to help us out with the project. Experience in film is by no means necessary, but they would need a clean driving license and their own car in order to transport…

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Christmas Café

By | 28th December 2015

25/12/15 We’re delighted to finally release Christmas Café! A heart-warming tale going inside the heads of different people at Christmas, looking at their doubts, fears and hopes during the festive season.

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Challenging the Ordinary: D&C Film Article

By | 26th October 2015

26/10/2015 Myself and Lee from Devon & Cornwall Film recently sat down to have a chat about the company, Kids, Nowhere Place, and all things film. He’s written an interesting article, so please do have a read: Click here!

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Casting Call for 'Nowhere Place'

By | 31st August 2015

31/08/2015 We’re looking for supporting artists for our short film, Nowhere Place, shooting in Gittisham, Devon, on the 10th September. A variety of people of all ages are needed, with groups of friends and families particularly welcome. Main shooting times will be between 3pm and 9pm. Gittisham is located near Honiton and Ottery St Mary…

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That's a wrap!

By | 15th August 2015

15/08/2015 Filming has officially been completed on ‘Kids’, and what an adventure it’s been! Everyone, cast and crew, from runners, to makeup, to extras, to lead actress, has worked so hard, and it’s really paid off. It’s been a tricky run at times, with long hours, many takes and plenty of coffee, but everyone has…

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By | 4th July 2015

04/07/2015 We are delighted to announce that production has started on Pastels Productions’ second film. From director Tommy Gillard (Magpies) and producer Simon Costello (Written in Blood, Kids, Magpies) comes a new coming of age drama; Nowhere Place. “It’s the night of the hunt and the townspeople gather on the moor to hunt down the…

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By | 15th June 2015

15/06/2015 Finally we have Rosie Issitt joining us as Alex, the protagonist of ‘Kids’. Rosie is a young actress who has been in a number of theatre projects, including ‘Just So’ at Exeter’s Northcott Theatre. This will be her first commercial film role, but she’s definitely one to watch in future.

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By | 13th June 2015

13/06/2015 In his first commercial film role, we’re delighted to welcome Chris Broadbent playing the part of Dad. Previously, Chris has been a successful sports journalist and is now extending to acting work.

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By | 12th June 2015

12/06/2015 Two more Kids; Hetty Elliott and Phoebe Taylor join the cast. Both are known for their theatre work, Hetty recently starring in Individual Theatre’s ‘Macbeth’ and Phoebe in Bad Habit’s ‘China Doll’.     

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By | 11th June 2015

11/06/2015 Very pleased to welcome about Ashley Scott, known for films including ’71’ and ‘Rush’, and upcoming ‘Soldiers of the Damned’. Ashley will be playing Cool.

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By | 10th June 2015

10/06/2015 Jessica Holyoake has been cast as Popular. Jessica has a wide variety of experience, from music videos to short films, including ‘A Haunting Coincidence’ to theatre, including ‘Spring Awakening’.

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By | 5th June 2015

05/06/2015 Sam Morgan, a highly talented improv actor from Italia Conti, who’s also starred in a number of theatre, TV and film projects, has been cast as Teacher.

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By | 4th June 2015

04/06/2015 Finn Morley-Welch, known for a number of theatre projects and short films (including Seeing Red, Harry), will be the first ‘Kid’.

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