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The Hardest Fight

The Hardest Fight, commissioned by Exeter Phoenix, is a short film about boxing and depression, aiming to offer an insight into the thoughts and feelings that are experienced when fighting against mental health issues.

Sleeping Rough

Sleeping Rough is a community-based film raising awareness of street homelessness in the UK. Using real interviews conducted with rough sleepers and members of the homeless community all around the country, the film is a docudrama that follows three characters, looking at the circumstances that force each of them to sleep on the street.


KiDS is the first short film to be produced by Pastles Productions, and is a short horror about bullying in schools. It follows a day in the life of Alex, a 16 year old girl, as she goes to school, chats with mates, and generally just survives.

Nowhere Place

Nowhere Place is a coming of age drama centred around Oli and Eli, two friends who have recently drifted apart…

Set against the stunning yet eery backdrop of Dartmoor, the film is a tense but touching look at life in the country.

Christmas Café

Christmas Café is a heart-warming festive film looking at everyone’s hopes and fears during the festive season.

Watching the Stars

‘Every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don’t intend to waste any of mine.’ – Neil Armstrong

Watching The Stars is a euphoric tale of ambition, love, and growing up, currently in the early stages of production.

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