Pstles Prductins…

We’re changing our logo for one week, joining the likes of Google, Microsoft and the LADBible in order to raise awareness for something very important…

In the last decade, the number of blood donors in the UK has reportedly decreased by a massive 40%, meaning that the NHS is now on the lookout for 200,000 new donors, in England alone. Here’s a statement from their website:

“Around the world, As, Bs and Os are disappearing. During our Missing Type campaign we are asking everyone to ‘drop’ the letters of the main blood groups to show support for blood donation and register to give blood. This year blood donor organisations from 21 countries – covering 1 billion people – are coming together, with support from organisations such as Microsoft, Boots and Manchester City.

In England alone we need almost 200,000 new donors, especially from blood groups like O negative and A negative, younger and black and South Asian donors. So register to give blood today.”

As Pastles Productions, we’re a very small company with a very small reach, but the mission statement has always been to make a positive change, so if just one person sees this and donates, or even just looks at the website, shares the post or learns a little more about giving blood, it’ll be a success. The potential effects of more people signing up to give blood are simple; more lives can be saved.

For more info, click here, and be a hero.

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