Sleeping Rough – Cast and Crew

Owain Astles – Director/Producer

Owain is a young filmmaker and director of Pastles Productions, a film production company that aims to make films raising awareness of social and political issues. Previous work includes KiDS, a short film about bullying in schools, The Hardest Fight, a campaign to raise awareness of links between mental health and boxing and Rife-commissioned Crisis and Hope, a documentary series about homeless charities in Bristol.

Melita Cameron-Wood – Producer

Melita’s past experience includes pre-programming and research at Cinegraph and marketing and social media at Crossing The Screen International Film Festival. She founded the International Film Society at the University of Oxford and was an active member of OUDS and Oxide radio. She also spent several months working in a community theatre (Alarm Theater) which led dramatic projects based on real life experiences with refugees, prison inmates and members of the public.

Nolan Willis – Jack

Nolan is a Scottish actor “who loves being an actor”. His two other most recent films were Redcon-1, based on 8 special forces embarked on a suicide mission in a world of the undead, and The Sprint King, based on the life story of famous jockey Dandy Nichols and his unruly horse SOBA, which premiered in London, June 2016.

Elle Payne – Catherine

Sleeping Rough is Elle’s first experience of acting onscreen, having been in a series of theatre productions, including Cardboard Citizens’ adaptations of LandAid and Cathy Come Home (playing the title character).

Megan Prescott – Toni

Meg is an English actress and bodybuilder who is best known for her role as Katie Fitch in the double BAFTA-winning teen drama Skins. Megan was recently cast as Jade Podfer on the British drama show called Holby City and in a horror movie Shortcuts To Hell: Volume 1.

Michael Quartey – Oliver

Michael is a young actor from London who’s been involved in several productions with Cardboard Citizens, as well as a number of theatre productions and commercials.

Hayley Wareham – Michelle

Hayley has also worked extensively with Cardboard Citizens, and was cast in the principal role of 15 year old Danielle in their Forum Theatre tour of Cathy, as well as 2015 TV Movie Is This Rape?.

David Olapoju – Keith

David is a British Nigerian actor who has worked with Cardboard Citizens over the last few years and makes his film debut in Sleeping Rough.