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So we had our first Bristol screening of Sleeping Rough last week! It might have still been a private screening, but every time we put it on the big screen in front of an audience, no matter how big that audience is, it feels like a huge event; and it is! This film has been two years in the making, and while we’re far from done with the whole process, it’s still huge for us whenever we’re exposing ourselves to people in this way. As a result of that screening, we’ve had our first Sleeping Rough review!

Feedback so far has been fantastic, and perhaps most importantly, it’s provoking reactions. People are talking about it. During the private screening, there were points in the film when people had very audible reactions to some of the events happening onscreen. Sleeping Rough might not be a comfortable watch, but it was never meant to be, and while we want people to like the film, what is most important for us is that: A) It’s true to life, and we’re doing justice to all the stories people shared with us and B) that it provokes a reaction; that after leaving the cinema, people talk about it, and hopefully learn something from it as well.

Cast and crew at our private Bristol screening

Owain speaking at our private Bristol screening







Our first review!

Gabi Spiro from Epigram wrote a lovely review of the film after the screening last week. It’s our first review, so pretty scary, but it contains some very positive words, so we’re happy! Give it a read here. It’s an exciting time to have our first review, as tickets for our first public screening are going on sale very soon. For Homeless Awareness Week, we’re going to be screening at the Watershed cinema in Bristol, along with a forum theatre performance from Cardboard Citizens. This will be followed by a Q+A, featuring Owain, the film’s director, along with a panel of homeless experts. After working so closely with Cardboard Citizens on Sleeping Rough, and after all the support they’ve given us, we’re really excited to be presenting with them for an evening which we hope will cause ripples in the Bristol community. We’re also working on a promo video for the week with Art4Change, which will be released in February, so keep your eyes open for this!

Sleeping Rough director Owain with BBC’s Ali Vowles.

Sleeping Rough director Owain also recently went on BBC Radio Bristol with Ali Vowles.  They chatted about Sleeping Rough, the process behind the film and the change we hope we can make with it. You can listen to the interview right here (just skip through to 2:08 for the beginning of the interview!).

For more news about screenings, and where we’re at with the film, make sure to head over to the Sleeping Rough project page and scroll down to ‘Screenings & Events’. Stay tuned!

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