Sleeping Rough: Homeless Awareness Week and Rehearsals Round 1

Homeless Awareness Week was a massive success, culminating in the Sleep Out, where over 100 people helped raise more than £10k for various homeless services in Bristol and nationally, including One25, Crisis Centre Ministeries and The Big Issue Foundation.
After the Sleep Out, we had a weekend packed full of rehearsals for the film. It was amazing to see our cast working together for the first time, and some really powerful moments were created; even though this was only our first weekend of rehearsals, I’m already very proud of the cast we have. We also drank way more coffee than is healthy.

We’ve had some amazing creative responses to the project, including songs, videos, drawings and more. We’ll be releasing these over the course of the campaign, but keep sending them in! Any submissions are really valuable, even if it’s just a quick sketch or a short poem written on the bus.

As a late Christmas present, here’s a short film made by the extremely talented Simon Tytherleigh, highlighting just how volatile the housing market is.