Our Team

Owain Astles – Company Director

Owain has been making films for several years after directing his first short film, KiDS, with Pastles Productions. After a year out, he studied Theatre and Spanish (which, as he is constantly reminded, is an “odd mix”) at the University of Bristol. As well as being director of Pastles, where he organises all the company’s goings-on, films and edits videos, he works as a short film director and documentarian. He likes boxing, Domino’s and any Christopher Nolan film.


Kelsey Stewart – Associate Filmmaker

Kelsey Stewart completed four years of study at a tiny but excellent South African University no-one has ever heard of, graduating with distinctions in Dramatic Arts, Classical Latin and Classical Civilization Studies. She then flew over to the University of Bristol, where she studied an MA in Film and Television Production. As well as having directed a number of her own short films, Kelsey is Pastles’ main editing guru. She loves the Irish Film Board, sushi, and a slow zoom.


Fancy being involved? Drop us an email at [email protected] to find out how.